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Educator Prep


Photo of Mrs. CatesFor a long as she can remember, Mrs. Cates wanted to be a teacher. She was able to work in a daycare for many years which amplified her desire to be a teacher. Her biggest inspiration was her grandmother who went back to school and graduated with a nursing degree when Mrs. Cates was a toddler. Even though her grandmother went to college before getting married, she was brave enough to follow her dream even after her own children were grown and she was much older. She showed that a person should never stop learning and always continue on to accomplish their goals. Mrs. Cates learned from her grandmother how important education could be in a person’s life no matter the age. 

Mrs. Cates graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Elementary Education from William Carey University.  She began working as a 1st grade teacher at Woolmarket Elementary School in 2007, taught 2nd and 3rd grade ELA at D’Iberville Elementary School, and received her National Board Certification in 2014.  Mrs. Cates came to the Career Tech Center in 2018 to open the Teacher Academy program.

For anyone interested in Educator Prep, Mrs. Cates says, "Educator Prep is more than a class for students wanting to be teachers. The students are involved in the learning process throughout the year and participate in engaging, hands-on lessons and activities. During the course of the two years, the students apply the knowledge gained during classroom lessons to their field experiences at local schools. The students will also explore the many career opportunities as well as the different pathways teachers can take in education."

”Why did you choose your Career & Technical program?”

Educator Prep

“ I chose Educator Prep because of my love of helping people.  I did not understand how much I cared about our society until I enterd the program.  Our future is kids and kids are our future world that we will depend on as a community.  I want to be the positive mentor to help increase positive citizens and leaders of tomrrow.”  Peter Brown, Harrison Central Class of 2024

"I would like to go to college and either become a Science or English teacher.  I chose this class because I want to help students become the best people they can be."  Brenden O"Brien, West Harrison Class of 2022

"I originally started Teacher Academy for the psychology unit, and I continued taking it because I love working with kids.  I plan to work in schools, so this class will teach me about how schools function."  Constance Hunley, Harrison Central Class of 2022

"I felt that it would help me in my future career.  I hope to use this to teach younger kids, like Pre-K students."  Najai Nutall, West Harrison Class of 2022

I chose this program because I aspire to be a future teacher.  I plan to use my knowledge to become a great and inspirational teacher."  Kaylah Clark, Harrison Central Class of 2023

"I chose Teacher Academy to get the basics of teaching, because I want to go to college to get my master's in teaching, using everything I've learned in class."  Makayla Lindsey, Harrison Central Class of 2023

" I chose to be a part of the TA program to see if I really wanted to continue with the desire to be a teacher--if it will be worth the money for college.  I hope to use the memories and the knowledge that I learned over the two years to bring to my classroom."  Autumn Dufrene, D'Iberville Class of 2021

"I realized I love teaching over the summer at Vacation Bible School.  I never thought about teaching as a career until Teacher Academy.  In Teacher Academy, I realized there are so many opportunities in the field of education.  Then suddenly, I became excited about my future."  Katie Bilbo, Harrison Central Class of 2021.

"I want to make a difference in students' lives that I was not able to have."  Timyzia Johnson, West Harrison Class of 2021.

"I knew I wanted to go with the profession of teaching and was excited about the experiences I would potentially learn.  Aaryanna Porter, D'iberville Class of 2020.

"To experience this field and maybe pursue a career in teaching.  I was nominated by two teachers."  Ja'Mya Johnson, Harrison Central Class of 2021.