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PowerSchool Parent Portal

PowerSchool student management system allows parents and legal guardians online access to their children’s attendance, schedules, discipline, and other information.

Student and Parent Sign In

Students enter the student username and student password provided by their school to sign into PowerSchool SIS (Student Information System) Student and Parent Portals and PowerSchool Mobile. Students can see only their personal account information.

Before parents can sign into PowerSchool SIS, they must create a parent account. Parents can add multiple students from different schools within the district to their accounts. Each parent account is unique, and usernames and passwords are not shared among parents.

Parents create an account by following these steps

1. Use the same web address as students to get to the "Student and Parent Sign In" page

2. Click the Create Account tab

3. Click Create Account

4. Enter first name, last name, and email address

5. Create a username and password

6. Enter the student's name, access ID, access password, and the parent’s relationship to the student

7. Click Enter

Once the account is created, parents use their account information to sign in to either the portal or the app.