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Group photo of students in business attireHarrison County Career Tech Technology Student Association members rocked their first EVER District Competition on Feb 11, 2022 at Wm Carey University in Hattiesburg.

The chapter boasts three District Officers, including Kaley Decelle, District President, Malaya Alvarez, District Secretary, and Keigan Potter, District Sergeant at Arms.


Students competed in a variety of events and placed in the following:
Board Game Design (1st Place):  Zechari McCree, Tavorian Turner, Blake Dunne, Kaley Decelle, Nathan Carlson, and  Drew Eisman

Music Production (1st Place): Mattox Hart, Jadyn Al-Fathah, Nathan Carlson, and Drew Eisman

Technology Bowl (1st place): Robert Diamond, Malaya Alvarez, and Isabel Tirey

Biotechnology Design (1st place): Melody Sumrall and Raegan Boggs

Technology Problems Solving (1st Place):Zechari McCree & Mattox Hart 

Chapter Teams (1st Place): Melody Sumrall ( Treasurer), Malaya Alvarez (Secretary), Kaley Decelle (President), Jadyn Al-Fathah (Vice President), Raegan Boggs (Reporter),  and Keigan Potter ( Segreant at Arms) 

On Demand Video (2nd place): Malaya Alvarez and Jadyn Al- Fatah

Essay of Technology (2nd place): Malaya Alvarez

Computer Aide Design (3rd place): Zechari McCree

Forensic Science (4th Place): Drew Eisman and Melody Sumrall

The team will advance to state competition in March.

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Posted Feb 14, 2022