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Career Tech students can qualify for membership in National Technical Honor Society after completing the first year of their Career Tech program and meeting the NTHS membership requirements. 

NTHS offers lifetime membership for a nominal fee.  Membership distinguishes a prospective employee as one who focuses above expectation and strives for excellence in academics, technical skills, and character.   

NTHS nominees maintain membership in their Career Tech Student Organization, continuously exemplify the seven attributes of NTHS (see below), maintain a 3.25 GPA, demonstrate excellent character, discipline and attendance, have maintained  a 90 average in their Career Tech program, passed CPAS or national certification tests, and are recommended by their Career Tech teacher.

The NTHS Seven Attributes

  • SKILL:  Possessing competency and aptitude in a craft, trade, or job.
  • HONESTY:  The quality of being truthful, trustworthy, and genuine in all your interactions, both socially and professionally..
  • SERVICE:  Contributing your time, effort, and skills to help others and your community.
  • RESPONSIBILITY:  Being accountable and upholding commitments to others and yourself.
  • SCHOLARSHIP:  Dedication to high-level preparation and achievement in your area of study.
  • CITIZENSHIP:  Supporting, nurturing, and actively participating in the communities to which you belong.
  • LEADERSHIP:  The ability to inspire and guide others to work towards achieving a common goal.

National Technical Honor Society logo      Click on the logo for NTHS website

The official NTHS slogan is: “Excellence in America’s Workforce Begins with Excellence in Workforce Education.”  The NTHS motto is  "Success Favors the Prepared Mind."

Harrison County Career & Technical Center is a proud charter of The National Technical Honor Society.  It is among 3,700 charter schools and colleges with more than 50,000 students enrolled in career and technical education each year.

The mission of the National Technical Honor Society is to honor student achievement and leadership, promote educational excellence, and enhance career opportunities for the NTHS membership.

    • Photo of NTHS graduation paperworkNTHS Scholarship Opportunities
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Membership Recognition including a certificate of achievement, official NTHS diploma seal, membership pin, membership card, graduation tassel and window decal
    • Important career and professional recognition by education business and industry
    • Online career center access with resume tools and job connections
    • Recruitment opportunities to top US Colleges and Corporations
    • Member discounts for GEICO, STEM Premier and more

    For additional information, contact Mrs. Maddox, National Technical Honor Society Advisor, at 228-832-6652 or

    Over $200,000 in Scholarships

    Click the carrot to access NTHS Scholarship information

  • What is National Technical Honor Society all about? NTHS is an honor society dedicated to recognizing excellence in career and technical education.

    The NTHS Mission is: To honor student achievement and leadership in career and technical education, promote educational excellence, award scholarships, and enhance career opportunities for the NTHS membership.

    The NTHS Vision is: To be the international leader in providing recognition for excellence in career and technical education.

    The organization serves over 4,000 schools, including high schools, career tech centers, community colleges and private institutions. With the home office based in North Carolina, there are over 350 chapters. The national headquarters is located in Flat Rock, across the street from the campus of Blue Ridge Community College. NTHS has chapters in all 50 states, Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

    So, how and why did NTHS get started? Here’s a brief history of the organization.

    The story of NTHS began in 1984 in Inman, South Carolina, at the H.B. Swofford Career Center. Center Director Allen Powell and guidance counselor Jon Poteat saw a critical need to bring recognition to skilled students, and to overturn the negative image of vocational and technical education. Fueled by a compelling desire to recognize their deserving students and build a stronger, more positive image for their programs and school, National Vocational-Technical Honor Society was founded in December of 1984. Chapter 0001 is H.B. Swofford Career Center.

    Mr. Powell and Mr. Poteat continued to promote NV-THS, build a Board of Directors, and enlist schools and sponsors. Gradually, career-tech centers, high schools and colleges joined forces with the Society. They too wanted to recognize their high-achieving students and build a better image for their students and schools.

    In 1999, NV-THS relocated to the campus of Blue Ridge Community College. In 2003, the National Board of Directors unanimously agreed to change the name of the organization from the National Vocational-Technical Honor Society to the National Technical Honor Society to reflect the views of business and industry toward students in skilled trades.

    The current headquarters on Airport Road in Flat Rock was built in 2007 on land purchased from the BRCC Foundation, just across the street from the college. The staff of 10 is led by the Executive Director, Allen Powell. Mr. Poteat passed away in 2000, and the Jon H. Poteat Scholarship was founded in his name and memory.

    Our scholarship history is pretty amazing. In 1997, NTHS Board Member Steve Greene gave the first $1000 needed to start a scholarship account with the Spartanburg County Foundation. For the next eight years, the growth of the fund depended entirely on donations from board, friends and fundraising efforts.

    In 2005, NTHS awarded the first scholarships. That year, only four $500 scholarships were awarded, but that was just the beginning. Just two short years later, in 2007, a total of $25,000 in scholarship monies went to NTHS members. To date, NTHS has awarded over $2 million dollars in scholarships, between our own Jon H. Poteat scholarship, our partnered Career-Tech student organizations, and through our Alumni Association.

    So, how do students become NTHS members and take advantage of scholarships and other benefits?  

    Membership dues are a one-time fee. Students must meet the criteria of having an overall minimum required GPA and program average, must complete a 2-year Career Tech program, and must be a current member of their Career Tech Student Organization.  Student member candidates must also embody the 7 attributes of NTHS – Leadership, Scholarship, Skills, Honesty, Citizenship, Service and Responsibility.

    Member benefits include a newly designed custom portfolio, which has an ID card, custom certificate, white tassel with NTHS drop, lapel pin, window decal and a seal to be affixed to their certificate or diploma at graduation.  

    Members can log in and apply for our scholarships, as well as request letters of recommendation and use our online career center. In 2016, our board approved scholarships totaling over a quarter-million dollars.

    The recent partnership with Express Pro Staffing offers our members a series of free videos to assist them with finding job opportunities, resume writing and interviewing skills.

    Letters of recommendation are a very powerful benefit. Members can download and print a general letter of recommendation for their portfolio, as well as request custom letters to be used when applying for a job, a scholarship or to a college. Letters are signed by our executive director and sent to whom the member specifies. It’s powerful when they go in for an interview, and the interviewer already has a letter of recommendation from a national organization!  

  • NTHS helps schools to:

    • Offer additional scholarship opportunities to CTE students.
    • Communicate a strong, positive image in the local community.
    • Attract and recruit qualified, diverse students into CTE programs.
    • Build active partnerships with and promote students to local industry.
    • Recognize outstanding leaders and educators through the NTHS Hall of Fame.
    • Encourage parental, family, and industry involvement in the educational process.
    • Foster self-esteem, pride, responsibility, and community involvement in students.

    NTHS helps members to:

    • Seek postsecondary education by awarding over a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships annually.
    • Position themselves ahead of competition in today’s highly competitive workforce. • Build career portfolios with professional letters of recommendation.
    • Connect to global career and technical education networks.
    • Discover opportunities with leading business and industry.
    • Serve in leadership roles in communities and industries.

    And most importantly . . .

    NTHS helps members be recognized for their achievement in career and technical education.

    • Member of Career Tech Student Organization
    • 3.25 overall GPA
    • 90 average in the career & technical program
    • Excellent character, attendance, and leadership
    • Career & Technical teacher recommendation

NTHS members range from high school students, to college level students, to older students who have gone back to school to pursue a different career path. It is truly gratifying to see children watch their parents get inducted into NTHS. And it’s really wonderful when parents and children are both NTHS members at the same campus!

Several years ago, one of the NTHS/HOSA scholarship winners was an older lady who had gone back to school to pursue a degree in phlebotomy. Part of her training was going on an ambulance ride-along and she was so excited after that, she changed her major to pursue a career as an EMT. Our scholarship helped her to realize that goal. It is always wonderful to hear the “personal” side of NTHS membership.