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Precision Machining

Photo of Mr. Ronald ParkerMr. Ronald Parker's career in machining began in 1986.  He worked in the fields of machining, instrumentation, and welding until he joined the faculty of the Career & Technical Center in 2000.

Mr. Parker is certified in NOCTI, NIMS, IC3 and COOLS,

Mr. Parker says, "Machinists do everything with pride.  If you don't have pride, you can't be a machinist."

”Why did you choose your Career & Technical Program?”

Precision Machining 

"It would give me a great head start on life.  I found a liking to it and hope to join a company.  While in a second year, I hope to take Welding so when I graduate I have the possibility of being either or both."  Zaheer Butt, Harrison Central Class of 2023

"I chose to take this program because it starts a career for me."  Haydon Smith, D'Iberville Class of 2023

"I wanted to open my mind to new career paths,  This was a way to get my feet wet and try out something new to gauge what my future career might be.  I will be able to use these skills in my dad's shop with our machines." Ashley Bridges, Harrison Central Class of 2022

"I can learn a job and do it when I graduate."  Floyd Mayfield, West Harrison Class of 2022.

"I was always interested in making stuff from a young age.  This class gave me an opportunity to do just that."  Josiah Brown, Harrison Central Class of 2022

“I wanted to expand my mechanical capability.  I also wanted to be prepared for my college degree, which is Mechanical Engineering.”  Kenneth Gray, D’Iberville Class of 2019

“[It would] help me with college in the future.  And, it is exciting and fun.  I expect to learn new things every day, and that’s what I like about Machine Shop.”  Gabby Straub, West Harrison Class of 2019

“It can help me get into college.  It will also look good on a job application.  If I get good enough, I can possibly get a job in that field.”  Connor Thomas, Harrison Central Class of 2019