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Health Science

Photo of Nurse KeenNurse Keen graduated from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College in 2005 with an associate degree in nursing (ADN, RN), then began her career on a busy Medical/Dialysis Unit at Singing River Hospital.  After transitioning to their Inpatient Psychiatric Ward, she also worked as an Occupational Health Nurse at Ingalls Shipbuilding and for an Orthopedic foot and ankle specialist.  She has been afforded many awesome opportunities through her experience as an RN leading her to be knowledgeable and well-rounded in her field.  

She joined Harrison County School District as a school nurse at Harrison Central in 2014, and joined the Career Tech Center in 2018 as teacher of the new the Health Science program. 

Nurse Keen says, "Coming from a long line of teachers, school has always felt like 'home' to me. When I became a school nurse I thought that I would be a school nurse until retirement. Little did I know that I would eventually complete my family tree and continue the tradition of teaching. I feel as my career and life has taken me where I am truly meant to be."

Photo of Nurse DerouenNurse Derouen joined the Career Tech Center in 2021.  She is a Registered Nurse and earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mississippi University for Women.  Her professional experience includes seven years of Emergency Room and Trauma nursing.

Nurse Derouen’s interest in teaching began in high school when she volunteered as a teacher at a preschool and was a substitute teacher throughout college and her nursing career.

Nurse Derouen wants her students to gain a better understanding of health care and the vast opportunities and positions available to them. She wants to help them decide if health care is the path they want their career to be, and she is excited to offer the required knowledge and skills to prepare students for a lifelong career in their profession of choice.

Health Science students are taught responsibility, work ethic, employability skills, interview skills, and teamwork. 

A healthy learning environment is facilitated with an open understanding of differences and backgrounds.

Many students will continue to college for either a 2-year or 4-year degree and some continue on to a graduate degree or professional school.

Part of the program is getting the students to local colleges and medical facilities to show the students what programs and jobs are available to them. With the focus on a multitude of career options through the curriculum, students will have a much better understanding of the healthcare field and what specific jobs entail. This will help them decide a career path and know exactly what they will be doing in those positions when they graduate from college. 

”Why did you choose your Career & Technical Program?”

Health Science

"I thought it would help me choose a specific type of job I want to go in, since I already knew that I wanted to go into the medical field.  I hope to use what I am learning in my career in the future by learning how to communicate better with others and how to present myself to my patients and peers."  Kaylee Dang, D'Iberville Class of 2023  

"I would like to be a cosmetic dermatologist.  I hope to get an insight on medical information and terminology."  Ariona Montgomery, West Harrison Class of 2022

"I wanted o see how a basic medical study would be.  I figured that it could help me decide if nursing is really something I want to do."  Stacey Wade, D'Iberville Class of 2022

"It has always been a dream to work in the medical field.  I hope to use the skills in my future as a paramedic and an RN."  Cydney Stubbs, Harrison Central Class of 2021  

"I chose this program to enlighten me on the fundamentals of the medical field and give me a head start in finding out what I want to do as a career."  Riley Matheny, D"Iberville Class of 2021