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Construction & Carpentry

Harrison County Career & Technical Center

Photo of Mr Wheeler

Mr. Wheeler has worked in the construction industry since 1985, while still in high school.  He joined the maintenance department at Harrison County School District in 2005, and began teaching Construction & Carpentry in January 2006.

In addition to certification in IC3, COOLS, NOCTI, CONTREN and NCCER, Mr. Wheeler is also a certified instructor in core curriculum, carpentry, drywall level 1, electrical level 1, masonry level 1, and plumbing level1.

Mr. Wheeler mentored construction and carpentry SkillsUSA students to 1st in District, 1st in State and 25th in National competitions in 2012 and 2014.

Mr. Wheeler likes Mike Rowe's philosophy that, "It's not true that you need to 'Work smarter, not harder.'  In reality, you need to work smarter AND harder."

D'Iberville High School

Headshot of Mr. Cates

Mr. Cates graduated from St. Martin High School, and received an Associates degrees in Telecommunications and Electronic Technology from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.  He worked 7 years in technology at Harrison County School District before becoming the teacher of the Construction & Carpentry program at D’Iberville High School in 2013.

Mr. Cates says, "I believe the students need the opportunity to discover and practice skills on their own with the teacher’s guidance, which is provided daily in the classroom."

”Why did you choose your Career & Technical program?”

Construction & Carpentry

"I chose Carpentry because I thought it would be a fun, and I don't know what career I want yet."  Carmen Niman, Harrison Central Class of 2023

"I want to learn how things are done.  Also, I hope to use this when I get a job."  Jeysson Cruz, D'Iberville Class of 2023

"I chose this program as a way to one day get a job working with my hands.  I will use this class to excel in the carpentry business."  Daniel Dunn, Harrison Central Class of 2022

"I know it could help me learn new things.  I hope to use my learning for a possible future career or to fix something in my house."  Gerardo Guerrero, Harrison Central Class of 2022

"I want to go into building houses, fences, etc.  I hope to use what I have learned in here to pursue that and have a hardworking and successful life."  John Nash, D"Iberville Class of 2021

“I chose to take Carpentry because I thought it’ll be fun and I knew it’ll be a great skill to have in life.”  Keajah Williams, Harrison Central Class of 2019

“It will help me prepare for what I’m doing after high school.”  Johannah Rudloff, West Harrison Class of 2018

“In this program I can make or build things, and this program can help me for my future.”  Brayan Alvarez, Harrison Central Class of 2019