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For Parents

Thank you for visiting our Parent web page.  The fact that you are taking the time to view this page indicates that you are a parent or guardian who is involved in your student’s education.  Although peers become increasingly important in a teenager’s life, supportive adults still play the major role in guiding adolescents through the final preparations for adulthood.  High school years can be challenging for both students and families, but by working together we can help your student to be successful in the classroom and beyond.

The Parent page, and our website in general, offers access to information and resources that will help you support your student through their experience at the Career & Technical Center, and to prepare for a successful transition to college, military, or workforce. 

Please support two healthy habits in your student that will help prepare him or her for success every day:

First, see that your student gets adequate uninterrupted sleep.  Because of rapid physical growth during adolescence, your teenager requires more sleep than he or she may be getting.  Adolescents often suffer from insomnia, and when that is paired with 24/7 access to electronics, there is little time left for quality sleep.  Try putting electronic devices in a neutral location to charge after bedtime.

Second, ensure that your student is eating breakfast and lunch.   Not everyone is hungry when first awakening.  If your student is not ready to eat before leaving for school, consider having healthy “to-go” breakfast items available to be carried in a backpack.  Teachers don't want students eating in class, and trash must be disposed of properly, but we all agree that a well-nourished child has a much better chance of success than one that is living on energy drinks.  Eating a quick  nutritious snack between classes can give students the energy to take on the next challenge. Many students skip lunch and suffer afternoon “crash.”  If your student does not want to eat the cafeteria lunch, please send them with a good packed lunch from home.

Your student’s success is our primary concern.  If there is anything we can do to help you, please call, email, or come by the office.