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Student Services Coordinator

Photo of Ms. Wease at her deskMs. Wease joined the Career Tech Center in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing/Management from the University of Southern MS and Masters of Education in Elementary Education from William Carey.  Her teaching endorsements include Marketing, Business Education, Computer Science, Social Studies, and most recently Secondary Special Populations.

Since 1999 Ms. Wease has taught both elementary and middle school. At the elementary school level, she taught at Saucier Elementary School (her first teaching job) and taught 2nd, 4th, and 6th grade - all subjects areas. At the middle school level, she taught at North Woolmarket Middle School and taught computer applications (ICT/Cyber Foundations), served as the school’s advisor for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), and served as grade chair.

Prior to becoming a teacher, Ms. Wease worked in various industries including banking, gas/oil, real estate, legal/law, and public relations.

Becoming a teacher was not Ms Wease's initial plan. It wasn’t until after being in the business sector for ten years that she realized the biggest difference she could make in this world would be through teaching. Ms. Wease has no regrets because bringing what she learned from work and real-world experiences into her classroom only enhanced and gave relevance to the material she was teaching.

As a high school student at Harrison Central, Ms. Wease was enrolled in the Diversified Occupations and Co-Op Career Tech Program. She knows first-hand the benefits of what the program was then in terms of assisting her in finding her initial job and providing the skills needed to be successful in a competitive workforce.

For today’s students, the workforce is even more competitive. Ms. Wease's goal for each student is to not only graduate with the highest of academics but also with additional acquired skills and a recognized certification from their Career Tech program that enhances their qualifications whether they plan to continue their education or go straight into the work force.

Ms. Wease's philosophy of Career Tech education is easily summed up as, "I believe CTE helps bridge the gap between traditional instruction and real-world career knowledge and experience."